Ruby The Dogumentary - 2014

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Marc Evan Percansky

RUBY THE DOGUMENTARY - Dog Grounds Screening! Gateway Dog Park - SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 26TH, 2015 @ 7PM

Ruby and Magic Marc request your presence at the Dog Grounds screening of a movie that states the fact
"Your dog will never let you down!"


Dog Grounds
Gateway Dog Park
1001-1099 4th Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404

Saturday, September 26th, 2015 @ 7 - 10 p.m.
* (Rain Date: Sunday, September 27th, 2015 @ 7 - 10 p.m.)

* Please feel free to share this pet friendly invitation with other dog lovers and become a member of Dog Grounds today!

"Ruby will do a 'meet and greet' and bring treats! She is very excited for all her friends to see her movie and is looking forward to a wonderful event!" - Magic Marc

Free Movie! Free Popcorn! (Donations accepted)


Dog Grounds and Magic Marc Productions presents

Starring Magic Marc Percansky and Ruby The Doberman Pinscher

With special guest appearances by:
Melanie Ree
Michele Ree
BJ Knebel
Gene Gittelson
Michael Gittelson
John Charles
Jennifer Gibson
Jeaneen Gauthier
Basha Goldwater
Tom Siler
Liza Ree
Johanna Ree

Abe Percansky-Segal

Filmed by Doug Webb (2011)
Filmed by Michael Johnson (2014)

Screenplay by Marc Percansky
Screenplay and Edited by Michael Johnson

For more information click the links below:

For Ruby (Born April 27th, 2007)
Long may she bark at skateboarders and never sit!

RUBY THE DOGUMENTARY - What it's about:

Meet, get to know and fall in love with Ruby! My one of a kind Doberman Pinscher will take you on a journey through her life and times unlike anything you have seen before! Ruby runs wild at dog parks, walks in parades, settles by streams and visits a jewelry store! Watch Ruby get a massage, a psychic collage reading, a portricature, songs and poems performed just for her! Will she overcome her fears and phobias? Will I overcome mine? Tune in and find out once and for all why a dog truly is a man's best friend!Magic Marc Percansky 

"It's about life," as Gene says in the movie.  "You can learn a lot here ____, we tell stories..."  It's about no one is ever guaranteed tomorrow, so you have to enjoy them here while you can.  It's about what a dog means to its owner and what an owner means to its dog.  It's about a man, Marc, finding out what his dog means to him.  It's about death, "but no one is going to die in this film."  It's about poopy pouches and God, birthdays, breakups, parades, the Apple Store...and more: an instructional massage, a mysterious psychic reading, and a caricature that has an air of truth. - Michael Johnson

A Dog Family Friendly Film: Dogumentary
NR: Not Rated
Total Running Time: 2:01:38 or 121:38

Ruby's Dog Silhouette @ Gateway Dog Park Still Photo by Michael Johnson © 2014

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