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I am an independent concert, music and event promoter based in the Minneapolis / Saint Paul, Minnesota area.

I am interested in creating unique, one of a kind, once in a lifetime, never to be forgotten events!

I am open to all ideas, suggestions, and comments for any kind of artistic endeavor.

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Marc Evan Percansky


"I was told my first words were rado rado, as I had radios blaring in my crib, my family was worried that I would hit my head on them as they were very big and bulky at that time and they could not get them out of my hands. I guess I did hit my head on them. My high school, one of the very few in the country, had a built in radio station called KDXL 91.7 on the FM dial. In the 11th grade I hosted a show with my buddy Mike Johnson and we called ourselves Magic Marc and Mr. Mike. We played lots of vinyl bootlegs on it. We were lucky we didn't get arrested!" 

--- Magic Marc (September 20th, 2010)



September 17th, 1982 - Part 1

Bob Dylan/Queen Jane Approximately.

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers/Refugee.

John Lennon/Instant Karma.

ZZ Top/Tube Snake Boogie.

Jackson Browne/Boulevard.

Roger Daltrey/Come And Get Your Love.

Garland Jeffreys/Wild In The Streets.

Dire Straits/Skateaway.

Eric Clapton/I Can't Stand It.

The Clash/Rock The Casbah.

Pete Townshend/North Country Girl.

Pink Floyd/Another Brick In The Wall(Part 2).

Fleetwood Mac/The Chain.


September 17th, 1982 - Part 2

Fleetwood Mac/The Chain.

Bruce Springsteen/Prove It All Night.

The Who/Slip Kid.

The Cars/It's All I Can Do.

Creedence Clearwater Revival/Bad Moon Rising.

Bob Dylan/Like A Rolling Stone.

Alice Cooper/I'm Eighteen.

The Who/Naked Eye.

The Rolling Stones/Little T&A.

Bruce Springsteen/The Promised Land.

The Clash/Should I Stay Or Should I Go.

Bob Seger And The Silver Bullet Band/Night Moves.


October 1st, 1982 - Part 1

The Who/Baba O'Riley.

The Who/How Many Friends.

The Who/Twist And Shout.

The Who/Behind Blue Eyes.

Pete Townshend/Ronnie Lane/My Baby Gives It Away.

Roger Daltrey/Bitter And Twisted.

The Who/Athena.

The Who/Substitute.

The Who/Squeeze Box.

The Who/Shout And Shimmy.

The Who/I'm A Man.


October 1st, 1982 - Part 2

The Who/Sister Disco.

Bob Dylan/Queen Jane Approximately.

The Clash/Armagideon Time.

Joe Cocker/Look What You've Done.

Dire Straits/Industrial Disease.

The Rolling Stones/Out Of Time.

The Who/Won't Get Fooled Again.

The Cars/Dangerous Type.


October 29th, 1982 - Part 1

Garland Jeffreys/Scream In The Night.

Men At Work/Who Can It Be Now?

The Beatles/Let It Be.

Bob Dylan/If You Gotta Go, Go Now(Or Else You Got To Stay All Night).

Buddy Holly/The Crickets/Everyday.

Simon And Garfunkel/Homeward Bound.

David Bowie/Changes.

The Cars/Touch And Go.

Dire Straits/Expresso Love.

The Clash/The Equaliser.

The Police/Secret Journey.

The Kinks/Misfits.

Rod Stewart/Only A Boy.


October 29th, 1982 - Part 2

Rod Stewart/Only A Boy.

Men At Work/Touching The Untouchables.

Bruce Springsteen/Open All Night.

The Who/Success Story.

Bob Dylan/Love Her With A Feeling.

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers/The Waiting.

Buddy Holly/The Crickets/Peggy Sue.

Men At Work/Down Under.

Peter Tosh/Get Up, Stand Up.

The Pretenders/Brass In Pocket.

Bob Seger And The Silver Bullet Band/You'll Accomp'ny Me.

The Who/Magic Bus.


November 3rd, 1982 - Part 1

Bob Dylan/Heart Of Mine.

Devo/(I Can't Get No)Satisfaction.

David Bowie/Sound And Vision.

Billy Joel/Piano Man.

Peter Tosh/Mick Jagger/(You Gotta Walk)Don't Look Back.

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers/Deliver Me.

The Who/I'm One.

Garland Jeffreys/Bound To Get Ahead Someday.

Men At Work/Who Can It Be Now?

The Kinks/Celluloid Heroes.

Fleetwood Mac/Say You Love Me.

Buddy Holly/The Crickets/Maybe Baby.


November 3rd, 1982 - Part 2

Buddy Holly/The Crickets/Maybe Baby.

Rod Stewart/Just Like A Woman.

Dire Straits/Solid Rock.Bruce Springsteen/Johnny 99.

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers/You Got Lucky.

Bob Dylan/Watered-Down Love.

Bob Dylan/The Groom's Still Waiting At The Altar.

The Who/The Punk And The Godfather.

Garland Jeffreys/Ballad Of Me.

Mott The Hoople/All The Young Dudes.

Jefferson Starship/Jane.


November 10th, 1982 - Part 1

The Who/Eminence Front.

Garland Jeffreys/Wild In The Streets.

Steely Dan/Hey Nineteen.

The Pretenders/Space Invader.

Peter Tosh/Ketchy Shuby.

Fleetwood Mac/Empire State.

Dire Straits/Industrial Disease.

Men At Work/Down Under.

John Lennon/Instant Karma.

Creedence Clearwater Revival/I Heard It Through The Grapevine.

The Who/My Favorite Station.

Rod Stewart/Passion.


November 10th, 1982 - Part 2

Rod Stewart/Passion.

Paul Simon/A Simple Desultory Philippic(Or How I Was Robert McNamara'd Into Submission).

Tommy Tutone/Tonight.

Billy Joel/New York State Of Mind.

David Bowie/1984.

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers/You Got Lucky.

Bruce Springsteen/Johnny 99.

The Who/My Favorite Station.

The Who/A Man Is A Man.

Bob Dylan/Queen Jane Approximately.

Pink Floyd/Money.


November 12th, 1982 - Part 1

The Who/Overture.

The Who/It's A Boy.

Men At Work/Who Can It Be Now?

Neil Young/Opera Star.

The Kinks/Misfits.

Bob Marley And The Wailers/Easy Skanking.

John Stewart/Gold.

Eric Clapton/Rick Danko/All Our Past Times.

Elton John/Nobody Wins.

Little Steven And The Disciples Of Soul/Until The Good Is Gone.

Tommy Tutone/Fat Chance.

The Who/My Favorite Station.

Van Morrison/Gloria.

Taj Mahal/Ain't Nobody's Business.


November 12th, 1982 - Part 2

Taj Mahal/Ain't Nobody's Business.

Rod Stewart/Gasoline Alley.

Rod Stewart/Maggie May.

Kraftwerk/The Model.

Talking Heads/Once In A Lifetime.

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers/Straight Into Darkness.

Bruce Springsteen/The River.

The Who/The Acid Queen.

Bob Dylan/In The Summertime.

Bob Dylan/Heart Of Mine.

The Who/It's Hard.

Supertramp/Give A Little Bit.


November 17th, 1982 - Part 1

The Who/Cry If You Want.

Pink Floyd/Mother.

Bob Dylan/Going, Going, Gone.

Levon Helm/Play Something Sweet(Brickyard Blues).

Patti Smith/Gloria.

Talking Heads/Psycho Killer.

Tim Curry/I Do The Rock.

Iggy Pop/Tell Me A Story.

Bobby "Blue" Bland/Sittin' On A Poor Man's Throne.


November 17th, 1982 - Part 2

Bruce Springstone/Take Me Out To The Ballgame.

The Clash/The Guns Of Brixton.

Rod Stewart/Young Turks.

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers/Change Of Heart.

Kim Carnes/Say You Don't Know Me.

Men At Work/I Can See It In Your Eyes.

Billy Joel/Worse Comes To Worst.

Joe Jackson/Real Men.

Pete Townshend/Dance It Away.

The Beatles/Back In The U.S.S.R.

The Rolling Stones/(I Can't Get No)Satisfaction.

The Who/My Favorite Station.

Bruce Springsteen/Seaside Bar Song.

The Who/Here For More.


May 24th, 1983 - Part 1

The Who/My Favorite Station.

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers/Even The Losers.

Bob Dylan/It's All Over Now, Baby Blue.

Bob Dylan/Love Her With A Feeling.

Bob Dylan/If You See Her, Say Hello.

Bob Dylan/Mr. Bojangles.

Bob Dylan/Girl From The North Country.

Bob Dylan/Where Are You Tonight?(Journey Through Dark Heat).

Bob Dylan/George Jackson.


May 24th, 1983 - Part 2

Bob Dylan/George Jackson.

Bob Dylan/Abandoned Love.

Bob Dylan/Bob Dylan's 115th Dream.

Bob Dylan/Visions Of Johanna.

Bob Dylan/It's Alright, Ma(I'm Only Bleeding).

Bob Dylan/I Don't Believe You(She Acts Like We Never Have Met).

Bob Dylan/It Takes Alot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry.

Bob Dylan/Never Say Goodbye.

Bob Dylan/Forever Young.

Bob Dylan/Every Grain Of Sand.

Bob Dylan/Knockin' On Heaven's Door.

Bob Dylan/I Shall Be Released.

Bob Dylan/Going, Going, Gone.

Bob Dylan/Mozambique.

Bob Dylan/Sitting On A Barbed-Wire Fence.

Bob Dylan/Jerry Garcia/To Ramona.

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