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Please feel free to email me with your thoughts.

Thank you.

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The RUBY Sessions start today!

September 25, 2018

Today is a fun day for me!

The commissioned song project I mentioned in a past blog post has turned into this wonderful recording project this week!

All I can say is when you say yes to the possibilities and you throw your heart into everything that comes your way, wonderful things can happen!

I'll be working with producer and drummer Rob Genadek at his super cool Uptown Sound MPLS recording studio on Hennepin and 26th every day the rest of this week and into next week as well.

We're having Jon James one of my favorite guitarist/bassist/vocalist/songwriter musicians in to work on the song with us.

And I get to work with Steve Cohen one of my favorite Mpls photographer/videographer guys.

My son Jordan Yasmineh is making a lyrics video for the song once we have the recording together.

And lastly, we'll be putting together an actual music video for the song as well.

Fun, fun, and more fun.

The song is called, "The Sun Shines On Ruby" and the idea came from one of the little handmade books I made recently, commissioned as well, for Ruby the Doberman Pinscher's upcoming twelfth birthday. From the little book I made we got the idea for the song.

My thanks to Ruby's human Marc Percansky and Magic Marc Productions for making all this happen!

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Courtney Yasmineh shared a Facebook post — at Uptown Sound Recording. With Rob Genadek, Jonathan Benson, and Steven Cohen!

Courtney Yasmineh - Today! Thanks to @jordanyasmineh for the super sweet poster and lyrics video to come 




Courtney Yasmineh‏ @cyasmineh - Let the fun begin! 


Courtney Yasmineh - First night of Ruby Sessions @robgenadek #uptownsoundmpls #magicmarcproductions #commissionedsong #thesunshinesonruby 




Courtney Yasmineh - The Ruby Sessions begins with @robgenadek and #magicmarcproductions #thesunshinesonruby #commissionedsong #uptownsoundmpls 


The Sun Shines On Ruby

September 26, 2018

My daughter Nina likes an expression she read that says something about shaking the fruit tree thinking you're going to get pears and instead you get oranges...or pears I suppose like in Heike's garden.

Shake the fruit tree. 

Shaking the fruit tree of your life probably entails praying and visualizing, but it also entails sending out emails and networking. It probably entails coming up with new ideas on your bike ride and then going home and executing the ideas.

It probably entails saying yes when others ask to collaborate.

It probably entails saying yes when a great guy you've known for years first asks you to write a little handmade book about his dog Ruby and then asks you to write a song based on the little book.

Yes is the only answer.

As you know I've been shaking my fruit tree of life like mad in every which way I can think of hoping to get any fruit at all.

The Ruby Sessions started last night.

I felt like the ripe pear tree in Heike's garden.

I felt ready and capable, bountiful and blessed.

I love the song I wrote and it worked well and stood up to all the tests of being put through Rob Genadek's paces of his rigorous preproduction scrutiny.

I know how to write a good song. I know how to play a good backing part on the guitar. I know how to sing in tune and humbly but joyfully express the Divine in a small song about a guy and his dog.

I feel that the Ruby Sessions have come along just at the exact moment I needed them.

They've put some money in my pocket (commissioned work) and they've put some hope in my heart.

I feel joyful and I've got a spring in my step.

I was not praying, "Please God have somebody pay me to write a song for their dog" but when the ripe pears have appeared, we've made ourselves a tart.


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Courtney Yasmineh - #lastnight #shearlingcoat #headscarf #modminidress #homesweethome #thesunshinesonruby #magicmarcproductions #commissionedsong #uptownsoundmpls @robgenadek #rockgoddessonduty




Courtney Yasmineh‏ @cyasmineh - #uptownsoundmpls @robgenadek @magicmarcprod See you guys today for day two of The RUBY Sessions! 


Big Thoughts Brewing

September 27, 2018

I have Big Thoughts Brewing and it feels good.

I recognize the excitement of having all your pistons firing and your mind full of possibilities.

I've been this way before in my life.

It isn't manic-depressive as much as it's getting your energy frequency up.

Every body and every mind have to ebb and flow, but when the flow gets flowing the tough get going. That's not the real expression. I know.

I am feeling a chain of possibilities instead of a broken chain of loose ends, which, in light of recent circumstances, is pretty near miraculous if you ask me.

I am feeling an idea brewing of writing a batch of songs in the style of "The Sun Shines On Ruby".

I remember a fan of mine saying to me, "Please, make your next album be happy songs, upbeat songs, love songs. This is what the world needs and you can do it."

At the time I was annoyed. I was like, "I'm not the Paul McCartney guy here, I'm more the John Lennon side of life."

Well, even John wrote all that great stuff for Yoko. "It's been too long since we took the time...." fabulous.

So maybe "Ruby" is the beginning of a new album of positive uplifting songs.

Maybe I get to put a band together again.

I'm booking 2019 Europe right now and some of the bigger cooler venues are finally inviting me to play but they are saying they wish I would bring my full band.

Jon James, if you're reading this, I'm coming for you.

JJ is playing on "Ruby" this coming Monday so I am going to ask him what interest he has in making my duo into a band again.

The other musician I love to play with is Kale Reed.

Kale might be willing to join in for a tour here and there as well. We'll see.

This is a lot to think about and I'm not making any declarations, I'm just putting these thoughts to you and to the Universe.

If you want to see the full band with JJ and Kale in it, watch this:

Courtney Yasmineh - Apparition "The Pirate Edit" Official

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Courtney Yasmineh - Yesterday, waiting for the videographer for The Ruby Sessions, we were goofing around with my @taylorguitars and my @martinguitar @robgenadek #magicmarcproductions #commissionedsong #thesunshinesonruby #uptownsoundmpls #songwriter #rockgoddessonduty 




Courtney Yasmineh - Also, yesterday #freepeopleromper #blackcowboyboots #blackberet #rockgoddessonduty 




Courtney Yasmineh - In the studio yesterday playing the acoustic guitar part on my @taylorguitars in my @freepeople romper with producer @robgenadek #thesunshinesonruby #commissionedsong #magicmarcproductions #uptownsoundmpls #rockgoddessonduty #songwriter 




Working hard and having fun

September 29, 2018

I'm working hard and having fun and that feels great.

I love being busy, but busy doing what feels like the very best use of my time in all moments.

"What's the very best use of my time right now?" is a good question to ask.

If the answer is "sit right here and have a drink with my colleagues" then that's truth.

If the answer is "lie down and listen to a meditation recording for an hour and say affirmations of awesomeness for myself" then that's what it is.

Yesterday I made time for everything, even a two mile run in the morning, even a nice late dinner at home with Rob. 

Yesterday I worked in the recording studio for about seven hours recording this new commissioned song.

We got an excellent lead vocal track; Rob and I both think it's the best vocal track so far of my career.

Rob says that not one note is being fixed for pitch or timing or anything. Pretty great!

We also spent a lot of time creating some really vibrant backing vocals and harmony parts.

Rob Genadek is great at making up and singing backing harmonies. He was awesome yesterday. 

Here's a photo of yesterday's session.

We had my little dog Aidan with us all day at the studio too and he really enjoyed it.

And again we had the fun privilege of working with Marc Percansky who is at the helm of the "Ruby" project.

And for the fashion girls, the dress is from LoveShackFancy.

So much to do

October 02, 2018

I'm really having a great experience working on this commissioned song for the dog named Ruby.

Last night was particularly joyful because we got to reunite with one of my favorite musicians, Jon James.

I never thought I would feel so grateful to be living and working on music in Minneapolis.

Rob Genadek's studio, Uptown Sound Recording on Hennepin and 26th, is such a glamorous place to make music. And the location is central. We know such excellent musicians here. And people are not inundated with work, or bogged down by impractical commute times. Also, the geography of Minneapolis in proximity to Nashville, or Chicago, L.A. or N.Y.C., Minneapolis musically feels like a melting pot of popular music sensibilities. 

We don't have the twang of true Nashville. We do not have the true edge of NYC or London punk rock. We are Midwestern and you can hear that in our Americana approach to our recordings.

But I am hearing the beauty in this. We have some perspective and some flexibility that I am finding to be valuable.

I hope we can retrieve our cover tune recordings and finish that project. The two guys we want to have finish those recordings with us are the same two guys from the "Apparition:the pirate edit" music video I have here on my videos page of this website. 

I talked to JJ last night about touring again as a full band and he said he's definitely interested.

I still need to talk to Kale, and I will soon.

Wouldn't it be awesome to finish making the cover tunes album and then bring the exact full band that played on those recordings out on tour and release that right before the tour? An all Minneapolis bad ass band.

We can do great two hour concerts with a full band like that because Kale plays bass but he also plays virtuosic violin and we can do anything from my folkiest folk to my edgiest punk rock. And everybody's a great singer so we can do our four part harmonies.

Oh Lord, make it happen.

In the meantime, before this dream can come true, these recordings need to be salvaged, or not, finished, and manufactured.

I need to book enough shows for March 2019 for Rob and I as the duo to lay the best possible groundwork for the return in September 2019. 

I need to book lucrative big shows for September 2019 so that we can bring the band and succeed financially.

I want to take the full band for two weeks to Europe, then for ten days to the East Coast of the US and for ten days to the West Coast of the US.

Come on Universe. Let's do this.

Like I said, I have a lot to do.

Not to mention finishing the writing piece for the grant application. Yikes.

Here's me last night beaming with joy over all the rosy prospects with Rob, and JJ, and Marc, and the gang.

Original Article:

Courtney Yasmineh - Last night at @robgenadek #uptownsoundmpls adding brilliant guitar work by Jon James and discussing full band shows next September in Europe....what!?!?!?! 🏻#rockgoddessonduty #blackcowboyboots @urbanoutfitters #littlecowgirldressfromurban #dressfromurbanoutfitters #commissionedsong #thesunshinesonruby #amagicmarcproduction




cyasmineh Detail from last night: I wore my Bob Dylan themed charm bracelet that @vaughnava gave me #songwriter #rockgoddessonduty #bobdylanismyhero


Courtney Yasmineh - Last night with JJ doing guitar overdubs on my commissioned song project with @robgenadek #uptownsoundmpls 




Courtney Yasmineh - Jon James and Magic Marc Percansky at Uptown Sound Recording Mpls last night ️ two really great guys I get to work with right now #commissionedsong




More about the Ruby Sessions

October 04, 2018

I have been working in a very serendipitous fashion with this great guy Magic Marc Percansky.

It started with our mutual high regard for the music of Bob Dylan and it has included Marc's interest in my own music, which I consider a very big compliment.

Marc's interest and enthusiasm for my songwriting and my writings has lead to him asking for some commissioned work around the very fun subject of his Doberman Pinscher named Ruby.

He asked me to make one of my handmade small books about Ruby for him and I did.

One of the pages says "the sun shines on Ruby", and we both agreed that sounds like a song lyric.

So I wrote a song to go with it and now the song sounds like the theme of an animated series to me.

I'm going to try to make a few comic strips of the adventures of Ruby.

Can I do it?

Do I have time?

Will they be good?

I have no idea, I've never tried to do graphic novel or comic strip or anything like that but I did make a lot of drawings in my handmade books and they turned out cool, so you never know.

The point of this post today whatever the heck comes to your mind.

If it comes to mind, it has probably come from the Great Unknown and you should just obey and do it and see what happens.

This weekend I'm working with my son Jordan on the commissioned animated lyrics video for the song.

I'm also working with Steve Cohen, Mpls photographer and videographer, filming Ruby the dog and I performing the new song for a music video in documentary style that will also capture the recording process with Rob Genadek, Jon James, and hopefully keyboardist Jeff Victor.

Obey the creative impulses and life blossoms before you.

Here's me and Magic Marc himself, a magic guy all around, and he brings out the magic in others which is also a magic trick.


Original Article:

Courtney Yasmineh - This guy Magic Marc Percansky has been the boss of the Ruby Sessions and I’m grateful. This weekend we’re making a music video with me and Ruby the Doberman Pinscher herself. #commissionedsong #rockgoddessonduty #uptownsoundmpls @robgenadek 




Courtney Yasmineh‏ @cyasmineh - More about the magical Ruby Sessions this morning


Video shoot

October 06, 2018

This morning at ten a.m. I meet the Doberman Pinscher named Ruby who has consumed much of my time and imagination the past two or three weeks.

We're going to make a music video starring myself and herself.

Hopefully she will like me and hopefully it'll go well.

I think I'm going to wear my leopard print coat and my black beret.

And red lipstick.

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Courtney Yasmineh‏ @cyasmineh - Courtney Yasmineh Retweeted Gittelson Jewelers This morning: music video shoot starring myself and the Doberman Pinscher starlet herself Ruby 


Why I write this

October 09, 2018

I know why I write this blog post every day...except yesterday...hahaha, well nobody's perfect....but I write this blog for a few good reasons.

The main reason is I want to connect with people.

I read something recently where an entrepreneurial woman was quoted as giving the advice "your face is your fortune".

She was meaning that every person who wants to connect with the world has their own unique image that will connect them faster than any product they are trying to sell.

I guess this kind of advice comes on strong in the Age of Selfies which almost makes me gag to even write the phrase, but in our current culture, people do seem to put their face on just about anything and everything.

So, I am not here to make sweeping social commentary, and I'm not judging. I don't even care enough to judge.

I'm just saying that this blog for me is a way to put a true face on the music I am making.

It's the very best to go out into the world and play in person for people. That's putting a face on my music for sure.

And I love being on tour and am looking forward to bigger and better touring in the coming year.

But when I'm in Minneapolis, writing new works in music or prose, and plotting my next release and next tour, I want to be able to stay in touch.

I used to write every morning in a journal and I filled journal after journal.

After my March 2018 tour I realized that there were so many people who I wanted to stay in touch with, and it was too hard to keep writing emails to everyone all the time, often recounting the same updates to everyone.

With this blog I could begin to put my early morning writing practice to a new use, giving me a way to write for an audience, update my fans, connect with new people who might just be curious, give myself a personal outlet that is not confined by the rules of Twitter or diminished by the din of Facebook.

I endeavor to write in ways that push my own boundaries of what I think is appropriate for a public blog post.

I push myself to write thoroughly and to write well.

I also want to provide a chronicle for how a woman who already raised three children could take her artistry and her determination and shape a viable sustainable career as a full time songwriter, recording artist, touring musician, under her own name, playing her own songs. Could she do it in our world, in our current culture? 

I believe I am doing what I want, for myself, but at the same time I am providing something valuable for others who have big dreams and wonder how to make them a reality.

In the morning pages I offer you here, in between the lines, there is some thread of how you do it and how you get it done.

I want to make you proud of me. I want to be proud of you too. I want us all to be happy together doing whatever we do best, whatever we love most.

Here's a fun picture from the music video shoot this past Saturday with Ruby the Doberman and her master Magic Marc Percansky.

My commissioned song "The Sun Shines On Ruby" and it's accompanying animated lyrics video and documentary style music video will all be released in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned!


Original Article:

Courtney Yasmineh - My commissioned song project is shaping up nicely! We made a documentary style music video on Saturday with Magic Marc Percansky, the Doberman named Ruby, myself and @cohenmpls #rockgoddessonduty #songwriter #leopardprint




Courtney Yasmineh‏ @cyasmineh - The Ruby Sessions is wrapping up and the videos are in progress and we have had so much fun! I can’t wait to see our animated lyrics video and our documentary style music video #thesunshinesonruby #rockgoddessonduty @magicmarcprod ️️️ 


The Sun Shines On Ruby by Courtney Yasmineh


Courtney Yasmineh handmade book series * Try To Live The Life Of A Dog * a special edition for a very special Doberman Pinscher named Ruby.

Artwork and Written by COURTNEY YASMINEH August 27, 2018. 34 Pages.


* RUBY  * the Doberman Pinscher 


The Sun Shines On Ruby


The Sun Shines On Ruby by Courtney Yasmineh / Hand-Written Song Sheets

To purchase a Compact Disc (CD) and Digital Downloads

A brand new song for you today! Ruby!

November 04, 2018

Today I give you a gift of a brand new song, made as a collaboration, all Minneapolis artists, all for love of dogs and for love of fun.

I wrote the song as a special gift for Magic Marc Percansky to mark his beloved Doberman Pinscher Ruby's twelfth birthday.

Marc is a storied and colorful face in the Minneapolis music scene and in the Bob Dylan camp of musicians, friends, family, and fans.

His contributions to the promotion of original Minnesota based music have been varied and many.

I first met him when I was brought on stage to sing a Dylan song at a special Dylan Tribute Concert that Marc organized to raise funds for veterans.

I knew then that Marc is a magical guy with a heart of gold and a real understanding and appreciation of songwriters and their songs.

Marc has followed my career and has always been supportive of my album releases. When I started making my handmade small books this summer, Marc first ordered himself one and then asked if I would be willing to design a special one for his dog Ruby. The artwork for the song you see below is based on the original small book I mailed to Marc for Ruby. Well, Marc saw something more in that little book, so he asked me about maybe creating a song to go with it. I wrote seventeen pages of lyrics, which Marc is keeping for posterity, and made as many recordings of song ideas before I finally got this final version. I knew this was it right away. I can't wait for you to hear it.

Now we have collaborated on the recording and have made a real party of it, with great musicians sitting in and a great arrangement from producer Rob Genadek. My son's animated video for Ruby is coming out soon, and a single of the song on CD will be available at my next Riverview show November 17th. We'll play the song live for the first time then so that'll be super fun.

A short film by Steve Cohen is being edited now, and you'll see more about that soon.

But first, on this sweet Sunday morning in early November, I give you what Rob Genadek is calling one of my best vocal performances for a recording ever, with no pitch correction at all, and that's partly because I love singing this song so much.

No cynicism here, but straight up Joy and Gratitude all around.

This is what Love can do.



Original Article:

Courtney Yasmineh - Me and the cool guys down at @robgenadek #uptownsoundmpls #magicmarcproductions with the great keyboard player Jeff Victor and photo by @cohenmpls #freepeopledress #fishnets @freepeople




Courtney Yasmineh - A special song for a special dog named Ruby is a gift to you today listen and read the story on my blog this morning #songwriter #doglover #dog#dogsofinstagram #doberman #rescuedog





Courtney Yasmmineh - My brand new song for Ruby  is released this morning!…/a_brand_new_song_for_yo…/



Courtney Yasmineh‏ @cyasmineh -

A special song for a special dog Ruby! Listen to The Sun Shines On Ruby by Courtney Yasmineh a Magic Marc Production #np on #SoundCloud #newsingle #newmusic #newrelease


something very fun tomorrow!

November 05, 2018

I'm excited to say that tomorrow I get to share with you and with the world the new animated lyrics video that my son Jordan has made for the Ruby project.

As I told you in yesterday's blog, Magic Marc Percansky had a vision for a song about his beloved dog Ruby and first I got on board with the songwriting and then Rob Genadek was in charge of making a recording, and then Jordan was in charge of making a lyrics video.

My son has been either allowed or forced, depending on how he feels about it on any given day, to be the brilliant design mastermind behind his mother's music career. 

Jordan has stayed up late on school nights more times than he should have been asked to helping his mom get her CD artwork turned in before a new album printing. 

Jordan has come up with all the cool designs you see at my merch table, the drawing of the little red amplifier, the brain plus heart equals a little black record for our very own tongue in cheek "Stupid Bitch Records" label.

Jordan has been working for me since he was about fourteen years old. I didn't know whether art was his calling, I don't think he knew either, but now he is out of college, after graduating from NYU with a specialized major in design plus entrepreneurial business studies.

Jordan is well read and speaks French fluently, is very philosophical and sensitive. I'm extremely proud of him and I delight in his company. He's one of my very favorite people to talk to and he and I talk on the phone quite often. He is in California right now doing a paid internship in design for a very cool company, and word has it that they are gearing up to offer him a very cool customized full time position in the new year. We shall see where his career leads him but I know that he is on a beautiful path and he is a beautiful gentle soul with many wonderful promises yet to be delivered in his life.

Tomorrow I will share with you what my son Jordan conjured up for this new Ruby song. The guy himself, Magic Marc, becomes a character with his lovely Doberman named Ruby at his side. You see them much more in this video than I was thinking you would. The animation for a lyrics video like this is very time consuming and artistically challenging to create and my son really out did himself. 

You've seen Jordan's lyric video work before on my "Tower Card" song and with this new Ruby video you will see is an extension of Jordan's creative scope as an animator.

I do think that a series of comic strips about The Adventures Of Magic Marc And Ruby would also be fun.

As for me today, I'm 10,000 words into the writing of "Sidney: Book Three" and that's nearly the number of pages of new unpublished writing I need to apply for the McKnight Fellowship I told you about previously. The cut off to apply is in about a week so I am right on schedule and very excited for that. 

So tomorrow morning, tune in here so you can see our animated video made by my son Jordan for our "The Sun Shines On Ruby" song.

Have a good day!

Original Article:

Courtney Yasmineh‏ @cyasmineh

Tomorrow morning we will have the super duper animated lyrics video of “Ruby” for you …


cyasmineh - Here we go gang! Ruby Sessions come to life with an animated lyrics video by @jordanyasmineh and a short film/music video by @cohenmpls all coming up soon! #songwriter #dogsofinstagram #magicmarcproductions ️


happy to have this to look forward to

November 06, 2018

I am very happy to have good work and good products to unveil for you in the coming days.

When grief comes knocking at your door, as it does at some time for us all, having good things in the works is as good or better than money in the bank.

Good music projects that I can share are like spiritual bags of gold.

They are their own currency.

It's a currency of LOVE that is not quantifiable by the world's weary standards.

A beautiful melody, a well-crafted lyric, a charming vocal delivery, these things are the lightning in a bottle that we alchemists of music try to capture every day, every project.

Tomorrow you will see what I consider to be work well done on every level.

My son's animated lyrics video for the song I wrote for the guy aptly named Magic Marc and his faithful friend the Doberman Pinscher named Ruby is going to be up on Youtube.

I honestly cannot wait.

It's really really really nice.

Here's the promotional poster:


animated lyrics video premier today! and I play live 5-6:30pm!

November 07, 2018

First off, come see me at The Underground Music Cafe today 5-6:30pm in St. Paul, MN.


And Now:

Our animated lyrics video premiers TODAY on youtube!


If you like dogs and cars and boats and magical guys like Magic Marc Percansky, if you like cartoons, if you like gentle songs about finding love in a rough and sometimes lonely world, if you like women who write nice songs and sing them, if you like nice sons who animate their mom's music for them, if you like great music producers who make gorgeous sounding recordings for the women who live at their houses, if you like Doberman Pinschers, ...what else?

I've never been part of a project like this and I think it's given me a chance to step back from the personal nature of my music and find the universal in Marc Percansky's story of his twelve years so far with his wonderful dog Ruby.

I've seen the way Rob and my son Jordan and I can all work together on a creative project and make it great and make it fun.

I've realized how much work we've all done together over the past ten years.

I am very grateful to Magic Marc for coming along and giving me something to "pull my boat up on the shore" for. Watch the video and you'll see what I mean. This project has reminded me that I am not just another "lonely sailor cast out on the waves of a fickle sea".

Marc's story has "taught me to see the beauty, showed me the love all around me", and the project has set me free.

The biggest thing about it is that I showed myself that I can harness my creativity for the good of something bigger than my own self expression. 

Also, I can see that you never know when some brand new project will come to you from the wisdom of the Universe or God, however you look at it, and suddenly there is work and fun and creative spirit abounding.

This project has brought me all of that, and as you well know if you've been following this blog for a while, this all came during a crucial and dark time for me with my brother's tragic death.

To my dear brother, Bradley John Dundon, I only wish we could have saved you the way Ruby saved Marc and the way this project has saved me.

God bless you all today.

Enjoy our little video that was made with love from all of us to all of you.


Original Article:

Courtney Yasmineh - Today! Youtube link in my bio! Animated lyrics video for this song we all love about man’s best friend RUBY! #dogsofinstagram #doglover #dobermanpinscher #rescuedog #rescuedogsofinstagram @jordanyasmineh @robgenadek #magicmarcproductions




“The Sun Shines On Ruby” the story of a man and his dog premiering today! live link in my bio on instagram #animation #lyricsvideo #newmusic #songwriter #rockgoddessonduty #dog #dogsofinstgram #rescuedog





Courtney Yasmineh‏ @cyasmineh - Our new animated lyrics video is a tribute to all true dog lovers and the dogs they love ️just like me and my little dog Aidan, pictured here singing along!️ 



Courtney Yasmineh - A guy with a special dog and a girl with a special song…/animated_lyrics_video_p…/ Please go to and click on the blog page



My little dog Aidan loves it. live link in bio #shitzu #poodle 
#newsinglerelease #newanimatedlyricsvideo #thesunshinesonruby #songwriter #rockgoddessonduty #magicmarcproductions #minneapolis




Courtney Yasmineh shared a post

Such nice support from fellow artists! The Secret Weasels. 


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