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Recording & Performing Today!

Courtney Yasmineh | Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter

Today at 11am we are going to start over on making my "Songs From The Open Road" cover tunes album.

Rob is excited about it again, thank God.

The hard drive containing the recordings from last August was analyzed and gone through last night with a fine tooth comb by Rob himself, and there just isn't anything salvageable.

I'm actually glad.

I think there was a big message from the Universe about that set of recordings and my plans for them last summer.

I think I am being given a second chance in every way and I am so grateful.

I will sing these songs with more reverence, more gratitude in every note.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, can be taken for granted in this life.

Rob and my daughter Nina came to my Valentine Show, and Rob said my voice "has no issues" right now.

We agreed that when we made the recordings last August I was fighting some sort of Hay Fever type allergies, and although the recordings were very good, I did have that difficulty to deal with.

Right now, as of this morning, I'm very healthy and we should have clear sailing for my singing today. Woohoo!

Tonight I have my show at the Riverview, so it will be a very big singing day.

The best advice from the Great Work Of Your Life book by Stephen Cope is to keep everything small in order to achieve big.

SO, this is a small recording in a small studio today and a small performance at a small cafe this evening.

Each a grain of sand contributing to the beautiful sand beach which is my lifelong efforts as a songwriter and singer.


Also, yesterday Nina and I began a new pursuit of photographs of me as a songwriter and traveling bard with her experimenting as a photographer behind the lens.

Here's an example from yesterday, girl from the north country:


cyasmineh - I’m recording with @robgenadek every day this week at his small space The Brewhut, working to finish my “Songs From The Open Road” album of my favorite songs I cover on tour. These songs mean so much to me and it’s exciting to share them as a collection for others who’ve loved them as much as I do, and also to introduce them to some who may have never heard them before. I hope it’ll be released later this year. #rockgoddessonduty

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One More Day

March 12, 2019

One more day in Minneapolis.

I have some more singing parts to do on my new cover tunes album.

We added a recording session tonight from 7-9pm.

This is important because the vibe of a record like this depends on several key factors and one is timing.

I need to do all the singing within a week or so because the timbre of my voice changes so much with the weather and the circumstances.

Rob G wants all the songs sung before I leave on the road for two weeks.

If we wait for me to come back to do the last two songs, those songs will sound different.

Spring will have come, I will feel differently about my self, my voice, my life.

And you will hear that.

This way, this album was all made in one hopeful time capsule, just before we headed out on a big road trip to the Southwest.

The album has been slated to be called "Songs From The Open Road" all along.

And that is what it's been all along.

Now we just have to make good on that.

Nina and I are going to be filming every day.

I want to use the Bob Dylan Desire album cover as my inspiration.

That's the feeling.


Outside on the trail, being a rakish and joyful adventurer.

Feathers or flowers for my hat.

And a big smile on my face because I'm a believer.

"We had Disney, and Cronkite, and Martin Luther, and I believed, I believed, I believed..."

~from Nanci Griffith Hard Life

 Please consider making any size donation.

We have reached the halfway point to our fairly modest goal of $1500.

This gives us a budget of about $100 a day for gas, food, and lodging, a budget that may result in some sleeping in the car nights.

We'll do the very best we can.

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cyasmineh - Working tonight with a favorite long time collaborator @jonjames999 at the Brewhut with great producer @robgenadek #folkgoddessonduty @thisisninaluna taking a few photos 

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cyasmineh - @jonjames999 @robgenadek and me tonight at the brewhut hideout #newalbum

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