MN Legends - 2015

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Billy Hallquist <>

Mon 6/15/2015 3:44 PM

To: Marc Percansky <>;

Cc: Dervin Wallin; Lonnie Knight; Deb Coss; Mike DesLauriers; Gary Lopac; Barry Thomas Goldberg; John Hines; Diane Ingram; Gregg Inhofer; Denny Johnson; Rick LiaBraaten; Mike Mankey; Patrick Nettesheim; Dale Strength; Terry Tilley; George Vondriska

I am beyond sorry seeing as my illness has prevented me from being with you all this evening. My heart demands that I be there but my body has prevailed. One thing I learned early in my 50 year career is "the show MUST go on" and on it will go. The fine musicians on this stage are representative of a caring community unsurpassed anywhere. They will most certainly play their hearts out for you and themselves. There is good work to be done here tonight. Don't let my absence diminish that effort in any way. Guitars for Vets continues to be our non-profit of choice. We've raised nearly $30,000 on their behalf over the years. They put the healing power of music in the hands of heroes. I can not think of a greater calling.

As for me, I begin a new regimen of treatment in a few days. I anticipate only positive results. Thanks in great part to well wishes and prayers sent to me by people such a you whom I know and love dearly as well as those I know only casually. I hope to be back up to full speed in time for the Dylan Salute shows, here on 7/29 and on 8/1 in SLP. If the universe has other plans for me, those events WILL go on as planned.

I am temporarily disappointed but not broken of spirit.




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