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Backstory on A Salute to the Music of Bob Dylan and a Reminder of Dylan's Fondness for Duluth -- Introducing Magic Marc Percansky (Part I)

Magician and Promoter Marc Percansky

Magician and Promoter Marc Percansky

Marc Percansky has been in the entertainment business since his youth. Early on he used to do magic shows, entertaining not only friends and family but also taking his act out to the world outside. In short, he has been a lifelong extrovert, easy to talk with and wholly engaging. He is currently the producer/promoter for Duluth’s upcoming A Salute to the Music of Bob Dylan.

Sunday evening he spoke with me from his mother’s home in St. Louis Park, beginning with a quote from Douglas Brinkley’s May 14, 2009 Rolling Stone interview with Bob Dylan. Percansky wanted to immediately demonstrate to naysayers that Dylan has now and always had a heart for Duluth. But whatever the question, his heart overflowed with things he wished to share and stories to tell. 

“Listen to what he [Dylan] said in Rolling Stone magazine,” Percansky said, reading an excerpt from the interview:

I [Brinkley] asked Dylan if he minds people visiting Hibbing or Duluth or Minneapolis searching for the root of his talent. “Not at all,” he surprisingly says. “The town where I grew up hasn’t really changed that much so whatever was in the air before is probably still there. I go through once in a while coming down from Canada, I’ll stop there and wander around. As for Duluth where his grandparents lived, he said thinks it’s one of the country’s forgotten gems. You’ll never see another town like Duluth, he says. It’s not a tourist destination but it probably should be. It depends what season you’re in there. There’s only two seasons, damp and cold. I like the way the hills tumble to the waterfront and the way the wind blows around the grain elevators. The train yards go on forever, too. It’s old age industrial. You’ll see it from the top of the hill for miles and miles before you get there. You won’t believe your eyes. The air is so pure there. The brooks and rivers are still running, the forests are thick, and the landscape is brutal. And the sky is still blue up there. It’s still pretty untarnished, it’s still off the beaten path.” 

Marc Percansky: You can only be born in one place. He does have a strong affinity for where he came from. He spent twenty years there. That shaped him. He’s talked about that and I can see that. That’s the thing with this show. It’s hard to figure… The whole state, we have a different connection than the rest of the world to him. When he says “Twilight on the frozen lake, North wind about to break, On footprints in the snow, Silence down below…”  (Never Say GoodbyePlanet Waves)

We know about that frozen lake. We’re from here. We feel the same as him. 

EN: What’s your background?


MP: I grew up in the Cities, a suburb called St. Louis Park. I spent most of my life here, except ten years out of here. Five years on the east coast, New York City, and five years on the west coast, Los Angeles. I know like with Bob, I’ve seen it first hand, he’s most proud of his newest work. I remember one time he had a cassette or something and he said, “Wait till you hear this.” It’s funny, because it’s like he’s never done anything great in the past. He’s got this great body of work but he’s most proud of his newest things. That’s the sign of a great artist so they can keep creating till the end. 

He’s doing six or seven Tempest songs now. That’s as good an album as any of them. And I think we’ll get a few more out of him, too. He looks healthy and he’s going good. 100 dates a year. 

EN: What’s the history of these concerts and how did the first one come together? 

Magic Marc funnin' with Dan Israel

Magic Marc funnin' with Dan Israel

MP: There have really been three people that made this happen and kept it going. That would be Paul Metsa first, who convinced Kevin Odegard back in 2001 to get the original session players of Blood on the Tracks together and do a concert. It was at First Avenue here where Prince shot Purple Rain. And I went to that show, it was great. There were sixty bands. It was an incredible thing. They did the songs and that was the first time since 1974. 

2004 comes along and there was a concert at the Pantages. Paul Metsa asks me to do a cue card skit imitating Don’t Look Back and go on stage during Lily. Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts. O.K. so I did that. That’s the video I sent to you. That’s the night I met Kevin Odegard. We became friends instantly. I felt like I’d known him forever, a great guy. 


2005 comes along. I go with Kevin Odegard and Chris Weber to St. Cloud where they were inducted into the St. Cloud Hall of Fame. I ride out there with Kevin, his father and Chris Webber and I induct them. They do a few songs. There’s a museum there, the Stearns History Museum if you’re ever in St. Cloud. 

2009 comes along…. There were a couple concerts I wasn’t involved in. I think they went to Hibbing. Kevin had been asking me to be more involved. I did this at my home base in St. Louis Park where we’ve had these outdoor venues every year. They’ve been benefits for Guitars for Vets, which Kevin brought in that cause. My role has increased through the years. Kevin Odegard for several years, then Billy Hallquist became involved. So it’s really those three guys. Billy has kept it going and really, my role just got bigger and bigger, and we’ve done it every years since. We added Maple Grove. They’re always in the summer, outdoor concerts, which is why this show feels a little different. It’s indoors and not really the heart of summer. There’s a different feeling about it. Also it’s not for Guitars for Vets. It’s for the Armory.

That’s where it’s at right now. And now we have a fourth person to really thank, and that’s Nelson. This wouldn’t happen without them. 

The name changed because none of the original BOTT people are involved. 


EdNote: The full article from which Dylan's remarks about Duluth can be found in David Brinkley in-depth interview titled Bob Dylan's Late-Era, Old-Style American Individualism.

This blog entry and others like it have the aim of raising awareness for the upcoming Salute to the Music of Bob Dylan concert which will kick off the 2014 North Country Dylan Celebration in Duluth and Hibbing. For tickets to this great event visit dulutharmory.org/events.

Original Article: http://pioneerproductions.blogspot.com/2014/04/backstory-on-salute-to-music-of-bob.html

Bob Dylan Playlist for John Bushey's Highway 61 Revisited - Marc Percansky Call In Show - Part 1

01. Something There Is About You - Planet Waves (1974)

02. Never Say Goodbye - Planet Waves (1974)

03. Idiot Wind - Orpheum Theatre / Minneapolis, Minnesota (August 30th 1992)

04. Hurricane - Desire (1975)

05. No Time To Think - Street-Legal (1978) 

06. We Better Talk This Over - Street-Legal (1978)

07. Knockin' On Heaven's Door - Bob Dylan At Budokan (1978)


Highway 61 Revisted: John Bushey - The Music of Bob Dylan

Saturdays and Mondays at 5:00pm on duluth.public.radio KUMD 103.3FM

Air Date: Saturday, April 26th 2014 and Monday, April 28th 2014

Bob Dylan Playlist for John Bushey's Highway 61 Revisited - Marc Percansky Call In Show - Part 2

08. Sweetheart Like You - Infidels (1983)   

09. Tangled Up In Blue - Real Live (1984)

10. Something's Burning, Baby - Empire Burlesque (1985)

11. Forever Young - Biograph (1985)

12. Handy Dandy - Under The Red Sky (1990)

13. Girl From The North Country - The 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration (1993) & (2014)

14. Mississippi - Love And Theft (2001)

15. Sad-Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands - Duluth Does Dylan - Jamie Ness (2000)

16. One More Cup Of Coffee (Valley Below) - 2010 KinniRiverBarnDance Live From The Kinni - Scarlet Rivera with Gene LaFond & The Wild Unknown 


Highway 61 Revisted: John Bushey - The Music of Bob Dylan

Saturdays and Mondays at 5:00pm on duluth.public.radio KUMD 103.3FM

Air Date: Saturday, May 3rd 2014 and Monday, May 5th 2014

Press Release - A Salute to the Music of Bob Dylan Benefit Concert



(FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Duluth, MN) - The Armory Arts & Music Center, in conjunction with Magic Marc Productions, announced today that 19 of world renowned artists will headline “A Salute to the Music of Bob Dylan”, a benefit concert for the Duluth Armory, at Sacred Heart Music Center on Saturday, May 17th at starting at 7:00 p.m. sharp.

Returning for her third year will be violinist Scarlet Rivera who will join with the Prince’s Revolution keyboard player Dr. Matt Fink and many other Minnesota music legends – including Duluth’s own Jim Hall and Jamie Ness. Marc Percansky will serve as Master of Ceremonies and local KUMD radio show host John Bushey will serve as Master of Magic.

“This will be an historic event and is not to be missed,” said Nelson French, vice president of the Armory Arts & Music Center Board of Directors. “This is a tremendous opportunity for us to share an fun evening of music and magic with the community as we review our progress made over the last year and create greater community awareness about needs for the future to successfully restore the historic Duluth Armory as a vital community gathering space.” 

Tickets are $30 in advance and are available online at http://www.dulutharmory.org/events/

Tickets are $35 at the door and doors open at 6:00 p.m. Saturday, May 17th.

The Armory Arts & Music Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of the Duluth Armory and its historic value to American culture and the arts, while encouraging its reuse, placing emphasis on arts and education. The organization’s goals include preservation of the Armory's performance spaces and military history of the structure, promotion of arts through performances, exhibits and education, and commemoration of Buddy Holly's performance at the Armory and Bob Dylan's emergence as a musical icon. All net proceeds from A Salute to the Music of Bob Dylan will be used by the Armory Arts and Music Center to further its mission.

Tickets available at http://www.dulutharmory.org/events/

The list of performers includes the following artists: 


In addition to the artists a wonderful production team has been assembled and consists of consisting of the following professionals who are donating their time:

MARC PERCANSKY - Master of Ceremonies

JOHN BUSHEY - Master of Magic

PATRICK MCCARTHY - Master of Sound

ERIC SWANSON - Master of Sound

ED NEWMAN - Master of Words

Bob Dylan Playlist for John Bushey's Highway 61 Revisited - Marc Percansky Call In Show - Part 3

01. I'm A Bigger Dylan Fan Than You - Mark Sutton (2010)

02. It Ain't Me, Babe - Real Live (1984)

03. Blind Willie McTell - Duluth Does Dylan Revisited (2006) - Charlie Parr

04. Good Times In Duluth Town - Danny Fox

05. North Country Blues - Jim Hall

06. Oh, Sister - 2010 KinniRiverBarnDance Live From The Kinni - Scarlet Rivera with Gene LaFond & The Wild Unknown

07. Highway 61 Revisited - Another Side Of Duluth Does Dylan (2011) - Black-eyed Snakes Featuring Charlie Parr

08. Ballad Of Hollis Brown - Osceola County Stadium / Kissimmee, Florida (May 28, 2005)

09. North Country Blues - The Times They Are A-Changin' (1964)

10. Workingman's Blues #2 - Zepp Nagoya / Nagoya, Japan (April 17th 2014)


Highway 61 Revisted: John Bushey - The Music of Bob Dylan

Saturdays and Mondays at 5:00pm on duluth.public.radio KUMD 103.3FM

Air Date: Saturday, May 10th 2014 and Monday, May 12th 2014

A Brief Review of Last Night's Stellar Dylan Fest Kick-Off Concert at Sacred Heart


Last night the Northland was given a treat: a concert billed as A Salute to the Music of Bob Dylan. If you were there, you know you were glad you didn't miss it. I know it exceeded my expectations five-fold.

Marc Pecansky, Billy Hallquist and Nelson T. French were the principles behind this event which was again designed to raise awareness the Armory Arts and Music Center building fund. Percansky is a a Twin Cities magician and producer known as Magic Marc. Hallquist a musician central to the Blood on the Tracks performances that this event morphed from. French is, of course, one of our local advocates serving on the board for the restoration of the Armory.


The Sacred Heart Music Center is a former Catholic Church which has gained a reputation as an exceptional music and arts venue. Last night's concert demonstrated once again why. The stained glass windows, pillars, ornate woodwork and balconies and fabulous acoustics conspire to produce a wonderfully full surround-sound experience.

Magic Marc: It's Showtime

Magic Marc: It's Showtime

The doors were opened early in the day so that the musicians could set up their gear, do their sound checks and get everything in order. Late afternoon found everyone getting away for a spell to either rest for the long night or get costumed for the bash to come. At seven the show would start.

A good crowd had ambled in by seven as the sun had begun its descent with a flourish of illumination behind the variegated stained glass symphony of color. The event opened with Marc Percansky, decked up in showman style, introducing us to the evening with some magic he had prepared, after first acknowledging the unexpected recent passing of one of our local artist performers, Gary Reed.

John Bushey, host of the Dylan-themed KUMD radio program Highway 61 Revisited, shared some of his own magic, tying it to Dylan in this manner. Bob Dylan's favorite magician was Harry Houdini. Like Houdini, both men were born with other names -- Erich Weiss and Robert Zimmerman -- and both men were of shorter stature physically, but both men became giants in their field: the world's greatest magician and the world's greatest singer-songwriter.

The tricks Bushey performed were, he claimed, favorites of Harry Houdini. And he performed each while saying, "This is the way Harry Houdini would have done it." The rope tricks and ring tricks were a special treat for those near the front whose mouths were agape with wonderment.

Next, two students from the Armory Arts and Music Center (AAMC) were introduced to play some original music. From a show production perspective this permitted latecomers to slip in to continue filling the room while sharing one of the underlying motives for this event. When the boys were done, the band made its entrance: Matt Fink (keyboard), Bill Hallquist, Gary Lopac, Lonnie Knight, Chico Perez, Stan Kipper and Ralph Dacut.


At this point it would be useless to try to convey how fluid they were, opening with Chimes of Freedom. The various musicians each took a verse on some of the songs, and on other songs a single musician was featured as when Stan Kipper sang High Water (for Charley Parker). Seven songs into the concert my only thought was, "How could one man write so many great songs?" My Back Pages, Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You, It Ain't Me Babe, You Ain't Goin' Nowhere, and Tangled Up in Blue formed a seven-star studded opening crown of spendid musicianship and rockin' stimulation.

Jim Hall

Jim Hall

Local musician Jim Hall then took center stage to perform Simple Twist of Fate, and one wonders what its like to have such a strong backup band. In fact, the band was so tight you's think they were a regular touring company.

Jamie Ness gave us Maggie's Farm next, in the style of The Freewheelers. Man they were rocking now, and into it. So was the audience as dancing had begun in the aisles.

Kenny Krona did his Quinn the Eskimo , followed by Barbara Meyer's engaging version of Blowing in the Wind.

The backing musicians left the stage and Courtney Yasmineh did a heartfelt solo rendition of The Times They Are A-Changin', which gave some people goosebumps.

Showman Paul Metsa then grabbed the stage for a solo production of She Belongs to Me, and you knew this was no ordinary night. Just Like a Woman closed out the first half of the show.

Hallquist & Geno work out second half details backstage

Hallquist & Geno work out second half details backstage

Hallquist & Geno work out second half details backstage

After an interlude/intermission Nelson French made a brief presentation on the AAMC, his passion that he hoped would be ours. This Armory project is only one of the restorations he is working on. In his day job he is active the restoration and preservation of the St. Louis River and other waterways feeding the Great Lake of Superior.

After the intermission the band gave us a heat-producing Not Fade Away, the one cover here that Dylan did not write. The song is credited to Buddy Holly, whom Dylan claims to have stood within three feet of at Holly's second-to-last concert, here in Duluth's Armory.

Troubador Paul Metsa

Troubador Paul Metsa

The second portion of our show saw continued to feature various singers with From a Buick 6 (Barry Thomas Goldberg), I Wanna Be Your Lover (Steve Grossman) and Watching the River Flow (Arnie Fogel)... all leading up to the introduction of that very much respected red-headed lady who debuted with the Rolling Thunder Revue and was dynamically captured on Dylan's Desire album. With Gene Lafond singing, Scarlet Rivera's electrically charged violin playing sizzled with power that utterly mesmerized the room. Upon completion of the song everyone leaped to their feet to offer a standing ovation.

Scarlet herself introduced the next song by stating that this was the one cut on that Desirealbum that was recorded in one take. Upon completion of One More Cup of Coffee, the crowd was again on its feet demonstrating their appreciation.

After Forever Young, featuring Hallquist, Lopac and Lafond on vocals, James Loney came out to sing Serve Somebody, accompanied by his Ghostettes. Lonnie Knight gave us Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, then the opening bars of Like a Rolling Stone filled the room. It's All Over Now Baby Blue became a group sing and the evening closed with I Shall Be Released.

The evening began with magic and it ended with magic. Here are a few more photos, but I would rather give you the music.... It was a very special night.

Jamie Ness, center stage.

Jamie Ness, center stage.

Barbara Meyer in the spotlight.

Barbara Meyer in the spotlight.

Soulful solo by Courtney Yasmineh.

Soulful solo by Courtney Yasmineh.

Hurricane brought the crowd to its feet.

Hurricane brought the crowd to its feet.

One More Cup of Coffee...

One More Cup of Coffee...

The after party lasted till three a.m., but I had been sleeping more than three hours by then, needing to conserve my strength for the week ahead: our North Country Dylan Fest. Tonight it's Dylan Trivia Night at Cormody's Irish Pub. 9 PM.... Test your wits against the best, and the rest.

Ennyman is a Life Under Construction. Writer, artist, philosopher, friend... visit www.enewman.biz to put your mind at e's.

Original Article: http://pioneerproductions.blogspot.com/2014/05/a-brief-review-of-last-nights-stellar.html

Set List

Chimes of Freedom (G) – Billy Hallquist

My Back Pages (E) – Billy Hallquist

Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You (G) – Gary Lopac

High Water For Charlie Patton (G) – Stan Kipper

It Ain't Me Babe (G) – Gary Lopac

You Ain't Goin' Nowhere (A) – Billy Hallquist

Tangled Up In Blue (A) – Billy/Stan/Gary/Lonnie

Simple Twist of Fate (E) – Jim Hall

Maggie's Farm (G) – Jamie Ness

Quinn The Eskimo (A) – Kenny Krona

Blowing In the Wind (G) – Barbara Meyer

The Times They Are a Changing – Courtney Yasmineh (solo)

She Belongs To Me – Paul Metsa (solo)

Just Like a Woman (E) - Gary Lopac

Knockin' on Heaven's Door (G) – Billy/Gary/Gene


Nelson French Remarks/AAMC Presentation

Not Fade Away ( ) (Holly) – TBD

From A Buick 6 (A) – Barry Thomas Goldberg

I Wanna Be Your Lover (G) – Steve Grossman

*Watching the River Flow (E) – Arnie Fogel

*Hurricane (Am) – Gene LaFond

*One More Cup of Coffee (Am) – Gene LaFond

*Forever Young (C) – Billy/Gary/Gene

*All Along the Watch Tower ( ) -

*Serve Somebody (Am) – James Loney (Ghostettes)

*Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (E)- Lonnie Knight

Like a Rolling Stone (C) – Billy Hallquist

(*)It's All Over Now Baby Blue (G) – Billy/Lonnie/Gary (Group)

(*)I Shall Be Released (A) - Group



Mr. Tambourine Man

You're a Big Girl Now

This Wheel's on Fire

I Want You

Review: Tribute concert breathes life into Dylan songs

It’s just under a year now since Duluth’s favorite son Bob Dylan last rolled through town. His concert at Bayfront Festival Park last July was one for the ages, and surely one of the last times the soon-to-be-73-year-old Dylan will grace a stage in the city where he was born, given his sporadic appearances in the area. (Prior to last summer, his most recent Duluth concert date was in 1999.)

Saturday night’s tribute concert — “A Salute to the Music of Bob Dylan” — was a fine stand-in for the real deal, though, and at times even surpassed the quality of the current Dylan stage show. The three-hour-plus event, held at Sacred Heart Music Center, found a huge roster of artists local and otherwise (at least one of whom had actually played with Dylan) breathing life into the songwriter’s back catalog, with hits and obscurities getting equal attention. It was a fine way to kick off this year’s Duluth Dylan Fest, a weeklong celebration of the man and his Minnesota-informed music.

The epic length of the evening’s program means that we can’t get into what every artist brought to the table, but there were plenty of highlights.

A reggae version of the Dylan tentpole “Blowin’ in the Wind” by Barbara Meyer inspired lots of dancing in the aisles, a common sight throughout the night.

Paul Metsa tackled “She Belongs to Me,” one of Dylan’s many kiss-off songs to a former lover. His solo performance was nicely nuanced, and his deep, hoarse voice fit it well. Some of Metsa’s guitar soloing could’ve used a band underneath it, but his sans-net risk-taking warmed the crowd up successfully.

The familiar Bo Diddley rhythm of “Not Fade Away” got the crowd fired back up after a break; as the band kicked in, various members of the three-quarters-full audience kicked up their heels in the aisles.

On the band: While the night was filled with guest stars who cycled in and out of the front-person slots, the backing band was possibly the most noteworthy part of the evening. Anchored by guitarist/vocalist Billy Hallquist, guitarist extraordinaire Lonnie Knight and several others (including two percussionists), the group bobbed and weaved deftly through all the tunes, improvising where they could and providing support in just the right ways.

Knight was particularly impressive, his liquid soloing clean, fast and inspired. Easily, he could play in Dylan’s band and be much more interesting than the folks Dylan himself is currently carting around the globe. He added expression to the occasionally rote 1-4-5 song structures.

Bassist Gary Lopac also was on point, with his solid Hofner bass playing providing a firm foundation that everything was perched on, and Hallquist stole the show with some great singing on “Forever Young.”

But the steady stream of guest singers were the main focus, with vocalists such as Steve Grossman, Arne Fogel and Gene LaFond taking the mic in the latter half of the evening. They all acquitted themselves well, but when Scarlet Rivera took the stage, it became all about her violin.

The former Dylan band member played on several numbers, each inspiring standing ovations from the crowd. Her lyrical, expert lines were mixed loud and proud, as they should have been, and the audience was clearly working out their love for Dylan in the way they showered her with applause. If you can’t see Bob, they seemed to be saying, this is a pretty good substitute.

Tony Bennett reviews music for the News Tribune. He can be reached at tonybennettreviews@gmail.com

Original Article: http://www.duluthnewstribune.com/content/review-tribute-concert-breathes-life-dylan-songs

Billy Hallquist - Thanks

It's past 3 a.m. No part of this aging receptacle that is my physical form doesn't hurt. What a great night with Salute to the Music of Bob DylanSacred Heart Music Center is a genuine gem. The only thing better than the facility is the people who run it, Eric Swanson is a true gentleman and a gifted technician. Patrick McCarthy made us sound better than we are. The band is top notch Matt FinkLonnie KnightStan KipperMark Chico Perez, Ralph Dacut and Gregarious Gary Lopac are wonderful players and premium people. It was great to meet 2 Duluthians, Jim Hall and Jamie Ness who represented Hill Town splendidly. The law firm of Fogel,Goldberg and Grossman took care of business and took no prisoners,Courtney Yasmineh nailed her solo spot to the wall, Kenny Krona was his usual quality self. Barbara Meyer..... my, my, my, my my (as Fancy Ray might say.) James Loney and The Ghostettes lifted spirits to high heaven.Gene LaFond tipped his top hat to The Master as only he can. Scarlet Rivera simply stole the show. It was our distinct honor and pleasure to work with a world class world renowned musician. John Bushey showed everyone a trick or two and Magic Marc Percansky pulled rabbits out of his hat for the umteenth time. Thanks Nelson T. French for building the trains, then keeping them running on time. I must admit, this was one of the most appreciative crowds ever. After resting on the seventh day, on the eight day, He created ...... Metsa. Any omissions are the result of fatigue and will be rectified.

Original Article: https://www.facebook.com/billy.hallquist/posts/713465868700060

Precious Memories of Duluth, MN - May 2014

As we look forward to producing a CD/DVD package of the historic night of May 17th, 2014. I would like to share my thoughts of what went down. First of all, If you are a fan of Bob Dylan and you have never been to a Duluth Dylan Festival, do yourself a favor and make a trip out there one of these years. It is all put together with a labor of love and respect for the man and his music and you will have a great time! Mark my words! 

I would like to thank NELSON T. FRENCH along with THE ARMORY ARTS & MUSIC CENTER for bringing A SALUTE TO THE MUSIC OF BOB DYLAN all back home to Duluth and the fantastic presentation that they did all the way around! I really hope that one day soon it will be up and rockin' again the way it deserves to be! From the VIP Vintage Italian Pizza party on Friday the 16th with Cowboy Angel Blue headlining, to Amazing Grace Bakery and Cafe for breakfast then onto Sacred Heart Music Center on Saturday the 17th for the concert. From the art at Red Mug Coffeehouse and Bake Shop, to Goin' Postal Superior and wrapping it all up outside The Historic Duluth Armory (with the Bob Dylan silhouette above us) on Sunday the 18th. I had a blast! Thank you, Nelson for also convincing me to do some magic and teaming up with me to co-produce this show! You are the definition of a stand up guy! I hope we can work together again soon! As Geno said to me "if you want someone to get the job done and right, then Nelson is your man!"

Thank you to BILLY HALLQUIST for getting us all on the road to Duluth and producing such an outstanding cast of world class musicians to perform the songs of Bob Dylan the way that they did! Billy, I will never forget how you sang that last verse of Forever Young! I got chills! You were definitely living inside of the song at that moment! It was priceless! Thank you for all your months of planning, organizing and hard work to keep this all together. It did pay off that night and I never take it for granted! 

Thank you to SCARLET RIVERA, GENE LAFOND and PAUL METSA. We go back the furthest together. I met Scarlet in 1977 on her first solo tour to the Twin Cities shortly after her Rolling Thunder Revue tour of 1975-76 and our lives keep intersecting through the years most always at the crossroads of Bob! Whenever you hear her play, you know that no one else could ever sound like that or play that well! It is definitely from another world! If I listened to her play for a thousand lifetimes it would never be enough! I met Gene LaFond with LARRY KEGAN somewhere back in 1982 or so. Gene has said we are all like family and I do agree with him! Keep on singing your song, Geno! Looking forward to a new album from you soon! I met Paul Metsa in 1984. He handed me his first vinyl record titled Paper Tigers while inside Oar Folkjokeopus. If you don't know what that is? Google it, or better yet, pick up his Blue Guitar Highway book: http://www.blueguitarhighway.com/ or have a listen to his new Wall of Power Radio Hour: http://www.wallofpowerradio.com/ They are both great! Thank you, Paul for all your support over the years with the Salute concerts and your friendship. Keep on keepin' on! 

Thank you BILL PAGEL, GLEN and MADGE DUNDAS for being our videographers for the evening and doing such a wonderful job! Bob is lucky to have such historians like yourselves documenting his work over all these years just as I am lucky to have you as long time old friends! Thank you, Bill for driving me all around that weekend and the tour of Bob's birthplace house. May Bob continue to tour the world every year and you continue delivering those set lists! http://www.boblinks.com/ I look forward to them! I hope to have the priviledge one day to see both of your full collections and visit your archives! 

Thank you to JOHN BUSHEY for being so bold and daring on his Highway 61 Revisited radio show and having me on it. John, sorry about the 17 song playlist. I got carried away. Then you got carried away and played them all too! Your support for the concert was dedicated and sincere from the get-go till the end! Thank you for the awesome magic that you did as well! On my next trip out, I am going to lock myself away in your Houdini vaults if you will allow me! Thanks once again for your kindness throughout the event! 

Thank you to our Master of Words ED NEWMAN. If we would have had a hundred people in this show, Ed would have interviewed them all! Ed, the show would have never been the success it was without you involved! I will make it a point to read your new posts in the morning and start my day that way! Ennyman's Territory ARTS, CULTURE AND OTHER LIFE OBSERVATIONS: http://pioneerproductions.blogspot.com/ I will take it any day over the morning news! You are an artist's artist and the real deal! All the best to you!

Thank you to all the artists and musicians who played and donated their time and energy to our cause!  It wouldn't be fair to pick favorites and I just want to say that each and every one of you brings forth your own musical styles and claims each song you chose as your own and does them justice! That is not an easy task to do with these great Bob Dylan songs but you all managed to do it! I salute and pay homage to each and everyone of you as you continue on with your musical journeys! 













JAMIE NESS (I never got to thank you for The Freewheelers CD you gave me. So thank you, Jamie! I also have never heard a version of Last Thoughts On Woody Guthrie like yours before! I haven't stopped listening to it!) http://thefreewheelers.bandcamp.com/



Thank you to our Masters of Sound



Thank you to our ace photographers

Michael K. Anderson


Special thanks to ZANE BAIL and DON DASS.

Keep up the great work that you do for Duluth Dylan Festival! I left with one of the official Bob Dylan Way street signs! You can't ask for anything more. Thank you for that! You were also both great assistants during the show and wonderful people!

Last but not least a big thank you to all of our sponsors (you know who you are!) and to The Armory Annex for hosting the after party! I hope to see you all again further down the road!

Marc Percansky
June 27th, 2014

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