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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Introducing "Trance Formation" - The highly anticipated 3rd album from Life On Mars.


Available Friday, January 26th, 2018.

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Compact Disc (CD) Album Cover Artwork

From The Bronx, New York, prolific songwriter and musician Earl Kayoss has written over 700 songs and his website is called, rather appropriately Over700Songs.com. Earl is an ASCAP registered songwriter and his publishing company is “Vindictive Cat Ltd. Earl released his own debut album in 2009 called “Disarray.” An EP titled “Nancy’s Finger” along with his 2nd full-length album “Beyond the Reach of the Infinite Mercy of God” followed in 2014.

Life On Mars  

The band “Life On Mars” was formed in 2014 from a fateful collision between two worlds (Earl meets Fernando Perdomo) and consists of fellow ACR Management artist,Fernando Perdomo (Jakob Dylan/Ken Sharp) who is both producer, engineer and artist on vocals and most instruments. Earl is the principle songwriter, producer and artist on vocals, guitar and piano. Life On Mars also features Durga McBroom (Pink Floyd/Blue Pearl) on lead and backing vocals and Ruti Celli on lead vocals and cello. As the project “Life On Mars", they released their debut 10-track album “Far” to critical acclaim in May 2015. That was followed by the 15-track album "The Resurrection of Ants" in April 2017. 

"Full of spacious ambient melodies, beautifully psychedelic instrumentation, and seriously heavy duty rock. The lyricism separates Life On Mars from so many prog acts - the band ROCKS and at the same time still gives traditional prog a right kick in the arse throughout the 64 minutes of this brilliant album." - David Tolar's The "TOP 20 ALBUMS OF 2017" list.

Trance Formation

Features special guest appearances from the legendary Jamie Glaser (Bryan Adams, Anderson Ponty Band, Chick Corea, Manhattan Transfer, Jean-Luc Ponty) on guitar, Dan Crawford on keyboards and Gilberto Zanelatto on violin. 

Earl Kayoss on “Trance Formation”

The title of the new Life On Mars album is an obvious play on words. It is the transformation of my songs going from being written cross-legged on the floor in my pajamas to the fully produced versions that appear on all 3 Life On Mars albums that I find extremely interesting and gratifying in the end. I have written over 700 songs and 34 of the 35 recorded Life On Mars  songs in existence are mine with the exception of “Home” written by Fernando Perdomo which appears on “The Resurrection of Ants” album. I have written the lyrics first for all 700+ songs because they are the most important part of songwriting for me. The music springs forth from the lyrics, the music and lyrics are one thing to me... intertwined. I am the only one to see the songs come in out of the great void... and into existence. That is an amazing part of the transformation for me.

Most songwriters, only let the fans hear the final produced versions of their songs but I consistently show my songs to the audience in various stages of their existence. I show them from their absolute most primal stages (moments after I have written them) all the way up to the final produced versions. I do this in the hope that they will understand the process of songwriting and how songs evolve. “Trance Formation” contains 10 songs that I am extremely pleased with in regard to their transformation... so much so that I wanted to elude to that in the titling of the album.

The Life On Mars albums are all filled with the amazing artistry and musicianship by some of the greatest musicians of all time, in my opinion. It’s both fun and exciting for me to assign specific musicians and their instruments to specific songs and watch the transformations. I do this with an intimate knowledge, in advance, of what to expect from each of them. That is a big part of the transformation. I listen to Life On Mars strictly as a huge fan of the musicians on the albums. “Trance Formation” contains brilliant performances by Fernando Perdomo, Jamie Glaser, Durga
McBroom, Ruti Celli, Gilberto Zanelatto and Dan Crawford. It’s an honor for me to work with each of them.

Whether or not folks like my style of songwriting or... the genre of the music, if they know anything at all about music, they will have great respect for the performances given on “Trance Formation”. Parts of our lives are in these songs. I hope planet Earth gets to hear them. I can safely assure you there certainly IS... Life On Mars. - ek.

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Compact Disc (CD) Center Label Artwork

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Compact Disc (CD) Back Cover Artwork

Album Highlights
10 new studio recordings from Life On Mars. Release Date: 1.26.2018.
Focus Tracks for Blogs, Critics, Internet Radio and Airplay are #1, #2, #5, #6. 
Compact Disc is available on Bandcamp along with limited edition free bonus Promotional Items and DVD's.
Digital Download is available on 50+ major music platforms. Release Date: 2.7.2018.
Digital Lyric Book is available upon request in PDF or Word Document Files.   

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Digital Video Disc (DVD) Menu Cover Artwork

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Digital Video Disc (DVD) Menu Titles Artwork

Video Tracks
1 In The Garden of Time (5:30) 
2 Keeper of the Dreams (5:55)
3 Ruby Slippers (4:59) 
4 Rabbits (3:36) 
5 Ego (3:59) 
6 She Makes Me Hungry (5:24)
7 Burgers (3:45) 
8 This Is True (5:16) 
9 Ever? (3:25) 
10 If I Fall (3:54) 

Life On Mars - Trance Formation DVD Menu Titles Artwork GIF.gif

Digital Video Disc (DVD) Menu Cover & Titles Artwork

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