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Marc Evan Percansky

My Narcissistic Girlfriend / Original Words by Marc Percansky / Copyright March 12, 2011

I was feeling so lowdown, confused and beaten down, didn’t know what to do? Called up some of my friends to look for a clue. This one said that and this one said this, I was jotting these notes down on a list when suddenly one said right out of the blue, she sounds to me like a narcissist straight out and true!

I thought about this and looked up what it meant, She has what is called Naricissistic Personality Disorder(NPD), I now know I will never be free, I read these symptoms and boy do they fit her to a tee! Curable with intense psychotherapy.

My Narcissistic Girlfriend, there is no way out and I am forever doomed
My Narcissistic Girlfriend, if I stay with her I take second fiddle and only hear about her!
My Narcissistic Girlfriend says what did you think about this and then asks how are you while I answer her back
I really don’t think she listens or cares what I do as long as what she needs gets done.

Now I am not an angel either in all this but just let me say, when you are dealing with egotism, vanity, conceit and selfishness things can only be taken one way. I realize now that it will not be easy to stay but being diagnosed with this has helped me along the way.

She most definitely is oversensitive, so I have to be careful what I say, I sometimes feel I should not speak at all, please make this narcissism go away.

She isn’t exactly the girlfriend from hell and she does have a wonderful sweet side too, but she sure does love herself beyond any fault. My reason for telling you this and reporting it in song, is maybe you too can look twice at your significant other to see if it is them or you that is in the wrong. 

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