Salute to the Music of Bob Dylan 2013

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Marc Evan Percansky


Billy Hallquist

August 1st, 2013


After several days of reflection the following recollections come to mind. What a week it was! Rehearsal Monday and Tuesday at Taylor Sound and Video. Performances Wednesday at Town Green in Maple Grove and Saturday at Veterans Memorial Amphitheater in Wolfe Park, St. Louis Park. Wednesday weather, perfect. Saturday........... left a little to be desired. Crowds were great both nights. We raised nearly $5,000 for Guitars for Vets. So many special moments. Just a few, of many many many. Robby Vee singing Suzie Baby and sharing the saga of Elston Gunnn. Patty Peterson singing Forever Young in honor of her mom. The SLP reception for hometown heroes Dan Israel, Steve Grossman, Arne Fogel and Jeff Victor. Lonnie Knight and Jeff Dayton ..... being Lonnie Knight and Jeff Dayton. Mary Jane Alm showing everyone why she's being inducted into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame. The Rhythmic Wall of Scott Sansby, Ralph Dacut, Stan Kipper, and Chico Perez. Gary "Throw My Ticket Out The Window" Lopac. Aaron "The Next Generation" Ollswang. Jim Steinworth King of Keys. James Loney and The Ghostettes Serving everybody. Gene LaFond and Courtney Yasmineh injecting A Shot of Love into the communal vein. Following Barbara Meyer down the musical highway. The stage belonged to Kenny Krona. Mark Lamoine sitting in his Easy Chair. Paul Metsa and Willie Walker breathing new life into Blowing In The Wind. Musical Director Matt Fink pointing out the finer points in the arrangements. Deitrich Poppin touring the twin cities in search of snakes that did not make it on the plane. The Tims (Snow and O'Brien (of American Guitar Boutique)) willing away the rain and providing us with the equipment to play through and the skill to make us sound better than we are. Same for the Maple Grove crew sans the rain and Arctic air. Infinity Drumworks showing off their incredible new drums. Magic Marc Percansky for keeping the trains on time (even when off the tracks, but bloodless). Abe Percansky-Segal and Basha Goldwater for heading up the STTMOBD Fundraising Division. Patrick Nettesheim, Eric Weinstein, Mike DesLaurier, Meghan and George Vondriska for representing Guitars for Vets. And "The Artist Formerly Known as The Unknown Idol" John Pattison for illustrating the heart of our organization. Rick Birno, Lisa Abernathy and Deb Coss for believing in what we do and providing platforms for doing it. Our crack stage crew who did the heavy lifting. Senior Riser Assembly Specialist Dan Hallquist, Asst. Senior Riser Assembly Specialist (the aptly named) Nate Rohde and Assistant to the Assistant Senior Riser Assembly Specialist BJ Hallquist who, along with volunteer stage hands Steve Grossman, James Loney, Gary Lopac and Executive Supervisor Jeff Victor disassembled and loaded the stage, sound and lighting gear after the show in a matter of hours. A job that U2 and The Rolling Stones crews take days to accomplish. Plus Executive Director of Volunteer Activities Stella Blue and Merchandise Manager Mike DesLaurier. Special thanks to Donald Jay Olson, Neil Schloner, Diane Ingram, Jeff Miletich, Seth Rowe and everyone who devoted their time, effort and creativitiy to capture and share images from our events. Last but not least the people who take the time and make the effort to come out and see us. Next Year! Next stop 8/17 for MN Legends and The You Betcha - Minnesota Made Music Festival (Retro Edition)




Marc Percansky

August 1st, 2013


Magic Marc would like to add Patrick Ginter for donating his great art! You are icing on the cake! To my family for your support and always taking over the front row, especially my mother Marilyn Percansky! It wouldn't be the same without you! To Billy Hallquist for doing such a great job and being an all around mensch! Last but not least to Susan Casey and Kevin Odegard for laying the foundation down to these great events and having me be a part of it since 2004! See you all next year!

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