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24 MN Dogs Who Are Kicking Off The New Year In Style

January 1st, 2016

As we ring in the New Year and reflect on 2015, our hearts fill with gratitude for our extended pack: YOU. (Res, ru!) Once again, you’ve made it a delight and a privilege to bring you the best of dog-friendly everything in Minnesota.

Our 500+ Kickstarter backers were among the stars that made our 2015 so bright. We asked our backers’ pups for their New Year’s resolutions; their responses ranged from deep to (hilariously) devious. With such terrific caretakers by their side, we know they’re headed for an outstanding 2016. (See more backers’ dogs here!)

2. Ruby’s resolutions include spending more time with her owner, taking longer walks, and hitting up more Sidewalk Dog events. Our kind of gal!

Photo: Marc Percansky, Minneapolis

Did your pup make a resolution this year? Tell us in the comments!

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