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Marc Evan Percansky

On the shooting of Old Dog...

On the shooting of Old Dog..

As Director of the video and responsible for its content, not the music - sans a little ambient sound and the final mix, I wanted to bring something to the universal (if devotional) theme of the lyrics, that was concrete to me and part of everyday life; namely, that which found me frequently walking over the 3rd Avenue bridge and becoming disgusted with rush hour traffic.

In kicking around ideas with Marc, somehow we struck on the idea of bringing a rocking chair to this bridge; dedicated, as it was, to former Minneapolis Mayor Sharon Sayles Belton, which we only found out later.  My thought was to have Marc sit right in traffic and he was a good sport to risk his life in this way.  The bridge was ideally suited for this however as the yellow lines were painted with a large gap in the middle.  But, enough said!  I'll let you be the judge when you watch the video.  Consider, perhaps, that he is a man out of time, quietly looking out over his fields that are no more.

Note:  this video has caused some confusion to our viewers, which comes as a surprise, because a man casually rocking in a chair while his dog, tied to a railing across the street, is crying for his master's safety, to me, is a perfect metaphor for one of the most glaringly negative aspects of our culture; the impact of the automobile. 

Michael Johnson, 9/30/2016

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