Bob Dylan Mural - Eduardo Kobra - 2015

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09.01.15 By: Made Here

Eduardo Kobra is in town, and he is making a kaleidoscopic 'splash' off 5th and Hennepin! Kobra's in-the-works mural has garnered national, and international coverage daily, and the progress of the mural itself is impressive.  

Made Here leader, Joan Vorderbruggen, is working as the overseer of this project, and is using all of her energy and enthusiasm to keep everything running! 

This mural is a beautiful transformation in the downtown Minneapolis Cultural District, and will undoubtedly be a destination for tourists and locals alike. 

In the office adjacent to the wall, an employee noted, "We will be able to use the wall as a visual marker when giving people directions! Instead of 'turning left at the white wall', it'll be, 'turn left at the MAGNIFICENT BOB DYLAN MURAL!' "

Keep track of all things 'Kobra-mural' by using the hashtag #KOBRAxDYLAN, as well as following the @MadeHereMN Instragram, Twitter, and Facebook feeds! Honestly, news about the project is everywhere... you can't miss it!


"A five-story tribute to Bob Dylan is rapidly taking shape in downtown Minneapolis, where world-renowned Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra and five other painters are creating a huge multi-colored mural on the side of a building."

MPR News, Euan Kerr

“We want Minneapolis to be a 24-hour city,” said Joan Vorderbruggen, arts coordinator for the district. “Arts and culture should be a part of every step you take.”

Star Tribune, Natalie Daher

"The mural was commissioned by the building's owner, Goldman Sachs, in an effort to help Minneapolis revitalize the area."

US News

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