Bob Dylan Mural - Eduardo Kobra - 2015

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Making History: Bob Dylan Mural in Downtown Minneapolis

September 8, 2015 Annie D'Souza

For the past few weeks, a big, bright mural with (multiple Bob Dylans on it) has been going up in downtown Minneapolis on Hennepin Avenue and 5th Street South — it was completed today.

A team of artists from Brazil, led by well-known painter Eduardo Kobra, have been working on a colorful tribute to the legendary Minnesota-born artist. They also enlisted two local muralists, Erin Sayer and Yuya Negishi, to help transform the side of this five-story building into a work of art that is likely to become a local landmark.

Photographer and Midwestival friend Jill Emmer (who you may know as @shineonyoucraydiamond on Instagram) happens to be pals with Erin Sayer and was invited to attend the signing of the mural earlier today. The occasion doubled as a send-off for the Brazilian artists as they headed out to the airport shortly after these photos were taken.

Jill, who describes herself as a "mom with an iPhone," was thrilled to witness these historic moments alongside some of the Twin Cities' largest media outlets. She even got up the courage to ask the artists to pose for her before they parted ways.

And she was kind enough to share some of her photos with us here.


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