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Top 10 Blog Posts of 2016 at Ennyman's Territory

While walking past a magazine stand this week I saw a headline in one of the publications that read, "Top Ten Stories of 2016." Naturally it made me curious about the stories on my own blog here, so Tuesday night during NBC's Tony Bennett Tribute Concert I reviewed the data on all my 2016 blog stories and identified the Top Ten in terms of generating engagement and visitors.


I then decided that I should share them David Letterman style, from least to best. That Dylan blog posts have been my most consistent performers does not surprise me. I've had a front row seat to a lot of Dylan-themed activity here in Duluth these past many years. Rather, what surprised me was the strength of two local stories that nearly eclipsed all of the Dylan stories and blog posts. I love surprises like this.

One other consequence of this exercise. It now makes me curious about the top posts of previous years. What year did my Dylan posts surpass everything else? And what other stories have shaken things up and around a bit over the years?

Here, then, are the top blog posts of 2016 at Ennyman's Territory...

10. Bob Dylan: Content Marketing King 

9. Something Is Happening Here, Do You Know What It Is, Dylan Fans?

8. Weighing In On Bootleg #12: The Cutting Edge

7. Handwritten Lyrics to Dylan's Desolation Row: Sneak Preview of the May William Pagel Exhibit at Karpeles 

6. Official Dylan Fest Poster And Schedule Now Published

5. Love Minus Zero/No Limit Is A Beautiful Equation

4. The Law of Unintended Consequences as Illustrated by the Story of U.S. Steel in Duluth

3. Hibbing Project Gathering Momentum

2. Karen McTavish: Pushing the Boundaries of Quilting

And this year's #1 Story:

1. Dylan Mural Makes Monumental Impact In Minneapolis

If you're in the neighborhood of Hennepin and 6th, here's a great photo op for Dylan fans and friends.

Meantime, life goes on... Make the most of it.

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