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Harassed In The Mind / Original Words By Marc Percansky / Copyright April 9th, 2012.

I had Bob Dylan's Political World swirling around in my head at the time I wrote this. I can only hope that if one person reads this and it saves their life, then it did it’s job! Unrecorded as I had trouble finding someone who wanted to address the topic and sing about it. If someone wants to give it a try? Send me an email. 

Harassed in the mind
Tortured and tangled
Twisted and torn
Why was I even born?
So full of scorn!

Harassed in the mind
Life will kill you
But not if you kill yourself first?
My head is full of anger and displeasure
Worrying and waiting for something to change
When nothin’ ever does and never will

Harassed in the mind
People are working
People are playing
People are doin’ nothing
Do whatever you want to do
See if I care!

Harassed in the mind
Everything is taking too long
Not enough hours in the day
Ain’t nothin’ different since the dawn of the first morn
Ain’t nothin’ new under the sun
Throwing yourself down the drain would be such a waste!

Harassed in the mind
If you think no one needs you here
Then find a purpose and a way to keep yourself alive
Ending it all would not solve anything
Just another ant out of the world, right?

Harassed in the mind
Get your feet back on the ground
Get out, take a walk, be kind
Breathe in the air and
Fuck the daily grind!

Harassed in the mind
Hope and pray things can change for the better
Throw all negativity out the window of despair
Unwind the clutter from inside and
Find something that moves you and stop walking blind!

Harassed in the mind
Everything I do feels like a crime
Not very easy on me either
Anxiety causes stress
Wanting and needing to help
Come on and exhaust the harassment in your mind!

Harassed in the mind
This can’t possibly be how you’re supposed to feel in the morning
Each day is like a slow dying death
Falling further behind
We are all nothin’ but dust and to dust we go back
So get on out and dirty up the world your livin’ in!

Harassed in the mind
We all miss the ones that are gone and that we loved
It is a selfish pursuit and the ones left behind suffer
Money troubles, women troubles, I’ve got them all
The doctor said “If you didn’t have any stress, you would be dead
So find new ways to deal with it.”

Harassed in the mind
From King Tut to Kurt Cobain
The rich and the poor
The down to earth and the completely insane
All go to the same place in the end
Be with me silently
Everyone can find a way to love again

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