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“John Bushey Highway 61 Revisited Studio”

UMD News

University of Minnesota Duluth

June 12, 2017


Ira Salmela | KUMD | (218) 213-6080 |

Lori C. Melton | University Marketing and Public Relations | (218) 726-8830 |

Media Advisory

What:                      Dedication of KUMD’s Studio B in honor of John Bushey, longtime host of “Highway 61 Revisited”

When:                     Tuesday, June 13, 2017 at 4 p.m.

Where:                   KUMD Studios, Room 130 of UMD’s Humanities Building, 1201 Ordean Court

Who:                       John Bushey, Duluth Mayor Emily Larson, and community members

KUMD’s Tribute to the Troubadour’s Translator

“John Bushey Highway 61 Revisited Studio”

Duluth, MN – For the first time in its history, KUMD is naming one of its studios.

“John Bushey Highway 61 Revisited Studio” will be dedicated tomorrow, Tuesday, June 13, 2017 at 4 p.m. at KUMD, room 130 of the Humanities Building, 1201 Ordean Court. Mayor Emily Larson will join Bushey and community members for the ceremony.

“It is wonderful to know that whenever a new student steps foot on UMD’s campus and should find an interest in the music of Bob Dylan, they will have a permanent sign to guide them on their journey,” says Marc Percansky, a concert promoter and friend of Bushey’s. “This new designation is a reminder of all the hard work that John Bushey has put forth over the years, and I wish him many more ahead.”

The event is free and open to the public, and refreshments will be served.

An Unparalleled Dylanologist

“Highway 61 Revisited” was launched in 1990 when Bushey contributed his innate understanding off all things Bob Dylan. 

Bushey a consummate fan and Dylan historian with an extensive collection of recorded concerts, outtakes, and vintage recordings of Bob Dylan. He also has the attention and respect of Dylan fans across this country and around the world.

Since the show’s inception, Bushey has volunteered thousands of hours and featured hundreds of guests who share his passion for Dylan’s music.

“By maintaining such a high-profile show honoring Bob Dylan, Bushey has drawn attention to Dylan’s connections to the Northland and helped strengthen Duluth’s commitment to celebrating its native son,” says Maija Jenson, program director of KUMD.

“John Bushey’s commitment to his show, through good times and bad times, is deserving of exceptional honors,” says Jenson. “John has had significant health issues for more than 10 years and through treatments and health concerns, John has remained a dedicated KUMD volunteer host at KUMD.”

Duluth Mayor Emily Larson, officially proclaimed, October 15, 2016 as “John Bushey/KUMD Highway 61 Revisited Day.”

Our mission: The University of Minnesota Duluth integrates liberal education, research, creative activity, and public engagement and prepares students to thrive as lifelong learners and globally engaged citizens.

UMD offers 166 undergraduate majors and minors and more than 25 graduate degree programs. During the 2016 school year, 11,018 students enrolled. Find UMD online:


Bob Dylan Playlist for John Bushey's Highway 61 Revisited - Marc Percansky Call In Show

Magic Marc Productions - Marc Percansky <> Wed, Apr 9, 2014 at 8:00 PM

To: john bushey <>

01. Something There Is About You - Planet Waves (1974)

02. Never Say Goodbye - Planet Waves (1974)

03. Idiot Wind - Blood On The Tracks (1974)

04. Mozambique - Desire (1975)

05. No Time To Think - Street-Legal (1978) 

06. We Better Talk This Over - Street-Legal (1978)

07. Knockin' On Heaven's Door - Bob Dylan At Budokan (1978)

08. Magic - Shot Of Love Outtake (1981)!/s/Magic/3whqUY?src=5
09. No Money Down - Holiday Star Music Theater / Merrillville, Indiana (October 19th 1981) - Larry Kegan and Bob Dylan

10. Sweetheart Like You - Infidels (1983)

11. Tangled Up In Blue - Real Live (1984)

12. Something's Burning, Baby - Empire Burlesque (1985)

13. Forever Young - Biograph (1985)

14. Handy Dandy - Under The Red Sky (1990)

15. Girl From The North Country - The 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration (1993) & (2014)

16. Mississippi - Love And Theft (2001)

17. North Country Blues - The Times They Are A-Changin' (1964)

Highway 61 Revisited John Bushey - The music of Bob Dylan / Saturdays and Mondays at 5:00 pm on KUMD 103.3FM


Marc Percansky

Magic Marc Productions


Harassed In The Mind / Original Words By Marc Percansky / Copyright April 9th, 2012.

I had Bob Dylan's Political World swirling around in my head at the time I wrote this. I can only hope that if one person reads this and it saves their life, then it did it’s job! Unrecorded as I had trouble finding someone who wanted to address the topic and sing about it. If someone wants to give it a try? Send me an email. 

Harassed in the mind
Tortured and tangled
Twisted and torn
Why was I even born?
So full of scorn!

Harassed in the mind
Life will kill you
But not if you kill yourself first?
My head is full of anger and displeasure
Worrying and waiting for something to change
When nothin’ ever does and never will

Harassed in the mind
People are working
People are playing
People are doin’ nothing
Do whatever you want to do
See if I care!

Harassed in the mind
Everything is taking too long
Not enough hours in the day
Ain’t nothin’ different since the dawn of the first morn
Ain’t nothin’ new under the sun
Throwing yourself down the drain would be such a waste!

Harassed in the mind
If you think no one needs you here
Then find a purpose and a way to keep yourself alive
Ending it all would not solve anything
Just another ant out of the world, right?

Harassed in the mind
Get your feet back on the ground
Get out, take a walk, be kind
Breathe in the air and
Fuck the daily grind!

Harassed in the mind
Hope and pray things can change for the better
Throw all negativity out the window of despair
Unwind the clutter from inside and
Find something that moves you and stop walking blind!

Harassed in the mind
Everything I do feels like a crime
Not very easy on me either
Anxiety causes stress
Wanting and needing to help
Come on and exhaust the harassment in your mind!

Harassed in the mind
This can’t possibly be how you’re supposed to feel in the morning
Each day is like a slow dying death
Falling further behind
We are all nothin’ but dust and to dust we go back
So get on out and dirty up the world your livin’ in!

Harassed in the mind
We all miss the ones that are gone and that we loved
It is a selfish pursuit and the ones left behind suffer
Money troubles, women troubles, I’ve got them all
The doctor said “If you didn’t have any stress, you would be dead
So find new ways to deal with it.”

Harassed in the mind
From King Tut to Kurt Cobain
The rich and the poor
The down to earth and the completely insane
All go to the same place in the end
Be with me silently
Everyone can find a way to love again

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